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Preceptor Course
02 Sep 2019 - 03 Sep 2019

The two-day course aims to equip Registered Nurses with the knowledge and skills to help novice/student nurses to adapt and apply their learning to practice in a given environment.

CLEAR (Communication, Law, Ethics And Professional Regulations) Course on End of Life Care
20 Sep 2019

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate ethical principles and local legislatures applicable to making end-of-life care decisions.
  • Able to adopt a structured approach at ethical case analysis using Jonsen’s 4 Quadrant framework.
  • Acquire a systematic approach at establishing an appropriate extent-of-care plan for a dangerously ill (DIL) patient.
  • Acquire a process-based approach at mitigating conflicts regarding extent-of-care plans.
Workshop on Burnout and Self-care: Mindful-Compassion Art Therapy for Building Sustained Resilience
26 Sep 2019 - 27 Sep 2019

The two-day workshop provides participants with a unique opportunity to obtain a holistic understanding of burnout as well as a true appreciation of self-care via an immersive experience with Mindful-Compassion Art Therapy (MCAT).

Introduction to Palliative Care Course

Classroom: 1 Oct, 8 Oct, 15 Oct, 22 Oct, 5 Nov, 12 Nov, 19 Nov, 26 Nov & 3 Dec 2019
Clinical attachment: 21 Nov 2019

9 half-days course, with 1 day clinical attachment, aimed  to increase participants’ confidence and competence in caring for patients with life-limiting conditions.

Geriatric Palliative Care
07 Nov 2019 - 08 Nov 2019

The two-day course aims to develop participants’ theoretical and practical knowledge in delivering competent, evidence-informed palliative care in advanced dementia.


Basic Qualitative Research in Healthcare
28 Nov 2019 - 29 Nov 2019

The two-day programme in basic qualitative research is designed for healthcare professionals who are interested to embark on qualitative research. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the basic elements needed to get started on a qualitative research study.

Certificate in Basic Palliative Care for Registered Nurses

Classroom: 10 Jan, 17 Jan, 31 Jan, 7 Feb, 14 Feb, 21 Feb & 6 Mar 2020
Clinical attachment: 24 Feb, 25 Feb, 26 Feb, 27 Feb, 28 Feb & 2 Mar 2020

The seven-week part-time course, with clinical attachments, aims to develop participants’ theoretical and practical knowledge in delivering competent, evidence-informed holistic palliative care in any healthcare setting.

Certificate in General Basic Palliative Care for Allied Health Professionals

10 Jan, 17 Jan, 31 Jan & 7 Feb 2020

The four-day course aims to develop participants’ knowledge in delivering competent, evidence-informed holistic palliative care in any healthcare setting by enhancing their role as part of a multidisciplinary team.

End-of-life Nursing Consortium (ELNEC) and Train-the-Trainer (TTT)


The 2½-day interactive workshop, aimed to provide awareness of palliative care approaches.

Talk on Care at the End of Life
03 May 2019

Talk on Care at the End of Life aims to help participants to:

  • Recognize and manage common symptoms of patients in their last hours
  • Gain a basic understanding of psychosocial and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients
  • Understand the needs and challenges of communication at the end-of-life

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